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... [17 Apr 2011|06:59pm]
All forms of racial hatred are wrong.


It doesn't matter by who against who, it is wrong.

MLK would be sad if he lived to see the horrors people still commit after he gave his life to peace and equality...
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updatedness.... [09 May 2007|10:05am]
status: sick to the stomach
writing status: >.< need to finish scene and submit RIFTS story to Palladium!
social life status: two members of gaming group are gone to Cedar Point for summer, leaving 2 of us here... gaming unlikely unless more players are found. At this rate, I will have little to no social life... *cries*
gaming status: Shining Force EXA = soooo much better than dicking around on WoW
WoW status: Bliz can go eat itself right now
Convention status: still need to hear back from Otakon and Youmacon about running my "internet RPG" panels
Cthulhu's status: he has this to say: "Belch!"
Anime Status: I swear, if Funimation is editing a drink to water on an anime where two discs ago there was two girls completely naked in a shower with boobies showing and a fair amount of blood in episodes so far, I will kill them all for being morons. ADV... why didn't you hold onto Full Metal Panic?

Forgot to add...
Current fortune cookie: "Your lover will never wish to leave." Well, that's kinda pointless if I never have a lover though!
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horrid week... [22 Feb 2007|11:59am]
[ mood | depressed ]

This is one of the worst weeks I've ever had in my life...

I have been horridly sick since monday night, having to take a bunch of medicine, haven't been in to work so I'm earning money... and... guh, other things are just a mess... especially since someone I really like seems to not be talking to me at all suddenly. I guess I said something I really shouldn't have... *sighs* I really wish she would at least confront me about what it was I said/did rather than just silent treatment me. Just going silent to me is really the most frustrating and worrysome thing... I actually at first was worried that something had happened to her when I hadn't seen her online for a couple days, and then I checked on an extra screen name I had and found out she had me blocked. She had blocked me by accident before, so I had hoped this was the case... I sent her a message, and I hope she read it... the message is a blur in my mind though since I was still really sick when I typed it. Other than that though I'm just going to have to wait a few days and try calling her or something... Hopefully she just wants some space from some people right now and she's not horribly angry with me. *sighs*

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Dear gods... [20 Nov 2006|11:52pm]
Okay... I'm tired of hearing girls put themselves down. Really, it's tiring. I've heard the "Oh I'm ugly", I've been yelled at for calling someone cute, I've even been outright bitched out for telling someone that I hoped things would go better for them. MY GODS I AM SICK OF IT! I'm not here to give out pitty to people. I've been used as someone's little pitty pillow for someone that broke up with a net-boyfriend that she hardly even saw in the first place, and didn't even know anything about when she got together with. In the end of that I got tossed aside for some kiddie on WoW that she was in no way going to last with... because she didn't know he was probably 6, 7, or more years younger than her. I'm not here for emotional gushing and being used for that... I mean... I haven't even heard from the girl since then... since she used me like that.

I have a few girls that I like... but it seems like they all get to end up being so negative... and I just can't stand it. There was one girl that I really truely just liked for her... and she just wasn't interested... and I've tried talking to her sometimes but she's always 'busy' when she's online... and half the time I would get yelled at for trying to IM her. I just can't deal with it anymore. I would love to talk to her, get too know her better, and just spend some time with her, but she just isn't interested. I can't fight with it. She's not interested and it isn't worth me using half or more of my time to try to get her interested.

God-damn! I wish I could just find a single woman that has some decent self-confidence and optimism. Is that really so hard to find? God-damn!
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weelemd [24 Jun 2006|03:29pm]
I really really need to do some writing... my stories have not progessed and need to!

Getting over being sick right now...

And I need to look over stylesheets for site building right now. Though I wish I could find someone to do site coding for me... or at least do the PHP coding later.
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woo blarg wha! [15 Jun 2006|10:20pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

So anyways... tonight has been filled with me singing along to the opening music to Flight of Dragons (my most favoritest fantasy movie ever!)! "Blade with whom I have lived, blade with whom I now die, serve right and justice one last time. Seek one last heart of evil, still one last life of pain. Cut well old friend, and then farewell." --Sir Orin's prayer as he faces Bryaugh.

So yeah, that was my doorway into fantasy, dragons, and magic.

In other news... I hear too many girls that I find attractive calling themselves ugly... O.o;; Why are they trying to be like... emo? I half thought I should threaten some of them with chains and whips, but for some of them that probably wouldn't be much of a threat (and some of them have boyfriends that probably wouldn't like me saying such a thing). I think I need to come up with a way of helping some people get some better self-confidence (weither they like it or not, rar!).

On to school... I gotta do reading after I post this. Otherwise I'm doing good, and I'm not going to let a Ouajia board saying I will have to take my Net+ test twice get me down. Note: I didn't touch the board, and wasn't really part of it, but kinda walked into the people using it. I got a headache from being around it, and felt wierd afterwards, kinda like once several years ago after using after actually using a board with some friends at NMU. I don't know if the moon being rather full that night (recent one, not the years ago one) is relavent or not... but now to get away from that wierdness.

Started some darker writing, one page of it so far. It's about a group of my evil characters. And~~ I have to work on putting a website up. I will possibly be hosting someone else's work on it when I get it put together. As for my own... well, I had two artists drop out on me... currently I have no artist, but I'm looking. I have it mentioned on 3 forums, an oekaki board, and on my Deviantart account that I'm looking for an artist and gave a brief idea of what I'm looking for. If things don't go well though I may just submit the writing for my RIFTS story to the Rifter. But... who knows what the future will being.

all for now... I think...
"I feel... very nostalgic..." - Revolver Ocealot

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quiz time! [13 Jun 2006|07:33pm]
I need to find a quiz that includes Deadpool as a result...

You scored as Beautiful Catgirl. You are a Beautiful Catgirl! You are nice to people. And you are beautiful in the inside and the outside. Alot of people admire you not only for your beauty, but for you helping people too.

Element: Light
Gemstone: Diamond


Beautiful Catgirl


Cuteness Catgirl


Melee Catgirl


Killer Catgirl


Archery Catgirl


Solitary Catgirl


Water Catgirl


What Kind Of CatGirl Are You?(awsome anime pics!!)
created with QuizFarm.com

You scored as Wolverine. Wolverine is a loner, and a skilled fighter. He's got the hots for Jean Grey but a better fit for him would be Storm. He doesn't like to follow orders which pisses Cyclops off. He has terrible memories from the experimentation done on him at Weapon X. Even though he doesn't show it, he loves the X-Men. Powers: Fast healing and adamantium skeleton and claws.












Jean Grey










Emma Frost


Most Comprehensive X-Men Personality Quiz 2.0
created with QuizFarm.com

You Are Cyclops

Dedicated and responsible, you will always remain loyal to your cause.
You are a commanding leader - after all, you can kill someone just by looking at them.

Power: force beams from your eyes
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O... M...G! [12 Jun 2006|10:31pm]
Just go see this (warning, strong language) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I0U4P9Imis

Edit: also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0iIxjhq2LU
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Not the best of weeks though not the worst [10 Jun 2006|12:50am]
Okay first... WOW that was a crazy dream I had last night. I don't recall most of it though. I remember at one point a tree was growing through a window and had some odd flowers. I think I said I was going to take some of the flowers to Leda. ^^;; And then at some point I was helping some rebels that wanted to storm a castle or something to that effect. I got them to give me a a rifle and a auto-shotgun of some sort and other stuff. Thinking back on it I think I should of told them we needed a flag to take with us. Also, I apparently could transform into some sort of beastil form. There was some other stuff I recall from the dream... but it's more personal.

Okay, to this week:
Doing okay in class, got 84% on the midterm.

Leda can't go to Otakon.... *cries*

I still don't have a website for my webcomic stuff yet, but...

Queenelf who I was going to work on a comic with I will no longer be working with... *cries*

I'm stuck in a low point right now and feel like a complete bump on a log...

>.<;; I can't get in a good rpg! I plan to run one but 2 people are making it harder then it needs to be...
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W00T!!!!!1111oneone eleventy! [06 Jun 2006|12:33pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Well, I sent a copy of my Rifts story to Branden Aten an asked him for some feedback. To note, Branden is a Freelance writer for Rifts and has worked on the soon to be released Rifts Madhaven and is going to work on Triax 2 and the Sovetski sourcebook and is currently working as an unpaid itern at Palladium's offices for a few weeks (go to www.palladiumbooks.com to find stuff about Rifts and such). Now, this is what Branden had to say about my writing:

Your writing is good. I mean GOOD. You have a great way of detailing the scene and painting a picture for your reader. alot of new writers can't do that. Hell, I have trouble with it alot of times. If I was to be engaged by this story for a while (like more than 3 or 4 pages here is what I would want to see.

1. character development. I want to know more about the characters. What are they thinking? What is their past?
2. dynamic story where action isn't just and dry. Let it flow. Make it read like a movie.

I think that if you keep up this quality of work and just tweak it here and there you will do fine. Let me know if there is any more I can do. I want to keep reading this, so if you want me to read a later version just PM me and warn me that it is on the way. Thanks.
-Brandon K. Aten

Well, I was surprised I didn't get something back saying there was something major or two wrong with it. Seriously I had expected to have a hole or two shot into my writing for me to patch up. This kinda pumps me up a little. Now I really seriously need to write some more.

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Stuff I need to do [05 Jun 2006|01:39am]
Stuff I need to do right now (in no particular order):

Write more on my personal webcomic story

Write more on my Rifts webcomic story

Write and finish my Rifter submission and send it in

Write more information for the 'greenie' Drow clan

Write a story for the 'greenie' Drow clan

Work on the website where I wish to place my comics

Keep up on all Net+ classwork

Clean my blasted room at home!

Read some of that stack of comic books that I haven't read

Avoid buying anymore toys and nice but useless stuff... until Otakon

Get on a better sleeping schedual

Avoid spending money on fast food as much as possible (which means not buying BK or MD on my drives towards school and eating cup-o-ramen at the end of the trip instead)

Sketch something, anything, at least once before the end of the month

There, that be my current list.
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last week = black week [29 May 2006|12:30pm]
[ mood | Mad at Fate ]


aquaintence of mine had one grandparent die and another has cancer

a good friend (and crush) of mine has been depressed, being ditched by the guy she's dating, and thinks she has a drinking problem

and another friend had her father die

So, last week was just a 'black week'. I need to call my sister at some point and make sure everything with her is okay. Checking people's journals it seems that Leda is alright... but I wonder about everyone else right now, even people I haven't talked to in some time including Cat, Corey, Neko, Wendy, Jade, Jason, Kevin, Scott, Dustin, Roy, Nikki, Terri, Gira, and plenty of people I can't think of at the moment...

I fear plenty of bad things have happened recently...

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Blah... [21 May 2006|11:01pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I need to find some way of gaining fundage. The major problem with that is 1) My weekends are my break from the crappy school and its crappy food. If I did stay at school for a weekend it would save me about $30 because of gas prices, however... weekend food is usually worse than weekday food. 2) I really don't want to work a job right now. School is kinda full-time in of itself here... Also, working a school job will be minimum wage (aka $2 less an hour than McDonalds pays me) and likely force me to stay about every other weekend. That I do not want to take. The alternatives to working are 1) I stay poor, which is actually livable at the moment 2) I win the lotto... not bloody likely 3)I dip into my savings account, but that is not preffered and I doubt I can really get a chance to access it in the near future (don't think that bank is open on weekends at any point)

There is one other alternative source: writing
I am writing something to submit to The Rifter, which would give me some money, though not a lot. I am writing some other things though, and I'll have to see how much I can get myself to write on them. I have a lot of ideas, it's just geting them down on paper that's the problem for me.

In other stuff... I did go out to the convention as planned this weekend and was able to hang out with Leda for a while. That was great. What was not good though was someone stealing a pin off her bag... people that steal from other convention goers should have all their fingers broken! Another thing that peturbed me some was a conversation about RIFTS I had with one guy. He didn't realize that Palladium was still in business (wow clueless! they had a both not far from you buddy!) and talked about all the 'power-creep' being centered around things being made to counter the Glitterboy's power... I don't think he ever read the Rifts South America books (source of most of the power creep of Rifts). Other than Coalition War Campaign I don't think there is much in the way of things made specifically for fighting GBs... but blah...

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grrr... [16 May 2006|08:32pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Okay, all you people going "Oh WoW's so great!", SHUTUP! PETE! YOU ARE A BULLSHITTER! I asked you to play in a group for a LONG ASS TIME! YOU KEPT BITCHING ABOUT THE ART! Now suddenly OUT OF YOU ASS you decide to play and keep talking about how much "fun" you let yourself have while you bitch about me, tell me how I should play and how I [i]should[/i] play! YOU SIR ARE FULL OF SHIT! AND PERRY! SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU BITCH TWICE AS MUCH AS ME ABOUT THE PROBLEMS OF WOW (probably more actually)! AND IF YOU WANT TO RUN A GODDAMN PEN AND PAPER RPG JUST DO SO! I'M NOT GOING TO PAY YOU SHIT FOR A GAME AND OBVIOUSLY OOM HAS DECIDED IT'S BETTER TO PAY FOR FOOD HE'LL EAT ALL IN A SINGLE DAY THEN YOU FOR THE GAME, AND THERFORE LET DOWN THE ENTIRE GROUP! YOU CAN BOTH JUST GO FUCK EACH OTHER!
As for WoW... at this point I don't care if I could just have "fun" with the game. My characters are in the grindfest levels, I never really RP in it, I hardly get to do anything with guild mates... MY GODDAMN GUILD LEADER PERRY DECIDED TO WAIT 2 FUCKING MONTHS TO LET ME KNOW I DIDN'T MAKE OFFICER, THE REASON BEING I WAS THINKING OF BREAKING FROM WOW WHICH I ENDED UP NOT EVEN DOING! WOW, SUCH GOOD FUCKING COMMUNICATION! AND YOU WONDER WHY WE EVER HAVE PROBLEMS IN THE GUILD! Worst is the programmers have apparently decided there is no point to actually establishing a game balance. Until those guys pull their heads out of their asses I can't spend $15 a month on an UNBALANCED GAME!!!!!!111111ONEONEONEONEELEVENTY
Oh, and yeah, assholes, I'm very low on money, so I don't need to hear how I "should play WoW" or how "WoW is something you don't quit"! GO FUCK YOUSELVES WITH RUSTY NAILS!

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is sad... [16 May 2006|04:06pm]
[ mood | sad ]

So the plan for this weekend was that I'd head over to Leda's on Friday, then on Saturday her, another one of her friends, and me would all go to MCCC. I was all "Yay! I get to see Leda and go to a convention!" I was mostly pumped up about finally getting to hang out with Leda again... which I hardly ever get a chance to do. Plans may have just changed. I do want to go to the con, mainly because Palladium Books is going to have a booth there, but mostly I wanted to hang out with Leda again... and it sucks that once again I don't have the chance...

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work work work [15 May 2006|12:38pm]
So it's the begining of 2nd week of me learning my Network+ and I'm still trying to finish the first week's work! Well, at least I'm done with more than half of it. I'll get stuff printed off today for most of it and then I'll just have the projects of chapter 2 and 3 to do in class to catch me up, with the reading and online work something I can do outside of class.

And I have to do some writing!

I've got to get at least another page to my RIFTS story done, hopefully do some on my other story again... oh, and I still need to put a site together for when my friend, Sam, gets some comic pages done for me.
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dream oddness [03 Apr 2006|05:45pm]
[ mood | awake ]

So I had a dream thingy... it was odd and stuff. Of what I can recall there were some things involving some warrior women or something to that effect, and then people vanished and I and others in the dream had to play some weird Sonic game to free them. Weirdness included coins being present instead of coins. Oh, and apparently Dr. Eggman was trying to disguse himself as a goodguy, so I guess he wanted to trick everyone to do something for him. Before I had to wake up and go to class I remember suddenly going "Oh, Sonic stuff! I bet Leda can help!" or something to that effect. So I brought Leda in to help.

So yeah, I can now say I've dreamed of Leda.

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another quiz [22 Mar 2006|12:45am]
Your results:
You are Jean-Luc Picard
Jean-Luc Picard
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
Beverly Crusher
Geordi LaForge
James T. Kirk (Captain)
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
Deanna Troi
Will Riker
Mr. Sulu
Mr. Scott
A lover of Shakespeare and other
fine literature. You have a decisive mind
and a firm hand in dealing with others.

Click here to take the Star Trek Personality Quiz

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wow oh WoW... [20 Mar 2006|02:00pm]
I'm giving up/taking a break from WoW. Not having fun on there. I can only solo so long before it gets boring... and normal soloists only do it until they have a level 60 buddy to carry their new characters through everything.

Unless I could pull together a dedicated group for once a week sessions of playing WoW, I don't think I may bother much with it anymore. Too boring... plus you have idiots that chime in at you and tell you that you should go solo quests all because you dared use the LFG channel. If I did play again, the next person to tell me I should solo and continously treat me like I know nothing about the game to as far as telling me "well, single pull the monsters", I will open a GM ticket for verbal harrassment.

But anyways... yeah...
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How do I do this to myself.... [16 Mar 2006|09:14pm]
[ mood | erg... ]

So I fell behind in class...

Week 1: He gives us textbooks and lab books but took the lab books back and I didn't read the syllabys (sp?) closely enough to take note we had to do the Hands-On-Projects. I read book in class mostly.

Week 2: Near the end of the week realized you had to do the Hands-On-Projects. Thought I'd start on them next week.

Week 3: For some reason I fell into a kinda funk (which may partial be attributed to my constant fishing in World of Warcraft and really doing not much else... as well as lack of sleep). Really didn't do anything on the Hands-On-Projects.

Week 4: Been working on the Projects finally, but the instructer checked our notebooks mid-week instead of end of the week. Because of this I had to sign a paper warning me that my grade currently stands at a D. I will however have 3 of the 5 sets of projects done tomarrow with the only issue being how to get them transfered to a machine I can print from (might just install XP in another partition so I can use the CD Burner), so really it annoys me greatly that I get told I'm at a D right now.

Next week has no projects planned so I can get a week ahead in the textbook and finish the two sets of Hands-On-Projects I need to do.

And hopefully I'll be able to see Leda this weekend, but don't know for sure yet.


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